The family of a Janesville man that was recently shot to death has filed a New Jersey wrongful death lawsuit against one of the suspects in their son’s case. Richard Hall, also of Janesville, is being sued by the family of Sam Aegerter, who was killed when James Humphrey rode by Aegerter on a motorcycle and shot him to death. Hall was a passenger on the bike at the time of the homicide. The homicide occurred after a confrontation at the five points intersection between two motorcyclists and three men in a Jeep.

Hall testified against Humphrey in court and expressed that he lied to police to help cover up the crime. Hall confessed up to helping Humphrey bury the murder weapon and dumped ammunition in the Sugar River near Albany. Hall also told investigators that he knew nothing about the shooting and later made the mistake of telling the truth to a childhood friend, who is a Janesville police officer after getting a lawyer well versed in NJ tax law.