Last week we discussed the problem of  dog attacks and the case of a recent pit bull mauling. Pit bulls are often singled out as one of the most vicious breeds of dogs. Dog advocates say that pit bulls are not inherently bad dogs and that many owners purposefully encourage vicious behavior for protection reasons. Over-breeding of the dogs may also be an issue. Dogs that are not properly bred and cared for often have behavioral issues.

Dog attack survivors often say that pit bulls are one of the most dangerous breeds because of their biting style.

“They have a very unique bite style: lock, and hold, and shake. That is what causes extreme damage to victims,” said a pit bull attack survivor who now runs a dog bite information webpage.

An animal control officer said that pit bulls and terrier breeds are often known as maulers, which means that they bite tightly and shake their victims. The animal control officer did add that this does not necessarily cause more damage to a victim however.

“If we were to look at the records right now we would find out that the average pit bull bite is no better or no worse than the average German Shepherd bite or Rottweiler bite. In other words they bite and they let go like most other dogs,” the animal control officer said.

Regardless of whether pit bulls are more vicious or not, it is important for those who are bit by any sort of dog to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.