When you’re shopping for a vehicle and go for a test drive, it probably wouldn’t occur to you to ask the car salesperson if he’s been drinking.

Sadly, one Pennsylvania salesman had alcohol and marijuana in his system when he took a father and son for a test drive in December 2010. The father died in the accident, and now his son has filed a wrongful death lawsuit and a criminal defense attorney.

According to Philly.com, the salesman was drunk when he took the father and son on a test drive in a Mitsubishi. He apparently reached speeds of 100 m.p.h. The salesman reportedly swerved to avoid hitting a truck, then hit an embankment and rolled. The father and the salesman were both ejected from the vehicle, but the salesman only suffered minor injuries. The son sustained injuries as well, including neck and back injuries.

The son reportedly sued the salesman, as well as Imports of Lancaster County Inc., the man’s former employer, as well as the truck driver who veered into their lane before the crash. The lawsuit also names Mitsubishi Motors North America, according to reports.

The salesman was reportedly arrested in April by police in East Hempfield Township. He’s been charged with DUI and homicide by vehicle. In the lawsuit, the son is apparently claiming the company he worked for knew he had a history of driving under the influence and speeding, and shouldn’t have allowed him to take customers on any test drives.
The man is seeking $50,000 in damages. After being sued, he might need the help of a Naperville debt relief attorney.