In our last post we discussed several ways that trick-or-treaters can avoid being involved in a Halloween pedestrian accident. Halloween is the most dangerous time of the year for Ohio fatal pedestrian accidents and parents should remain focus on their children’s safety during the trick-or-treating experience.

Dog bitesĀ are another safety concern that many parents overlook on Halloween. Halloween can be a particularly stressful time for household pets and children may be at an increased risk for personal injuries as a result.

Here are five things that dog owners can do to prevent Halloween dog bites:

  1. Avoid walking a family dog during the peak of trick-or-treating festivities. The ghouls, goblins and Angry Bird costumes may scare a dog.
  2. Kennel your dog or put the dog in a quiet room where it will not hear the door bell.
  3. Keep the dog clear of the house entry way. A dog is often protective of its family’s home and may not understand why the trick-or-treaters are there.
  4. Put a harness on a dog so that it can be easily grabbed in the event of an attack.
  5. Consider putting the family dog in a doggy daycare when hosting a Halloween party.

Here are five things that parents can do to prevent Halloween dog attacks:

  1. Call ahead and ask neighbors or party hosts whether they are going to kennel their dogs before trick-or-treaters arrive.
  2. Accompany your children while trick-or-treating.
  3. Teach children to avoid roaming dogs and to not stare at strange dogs.
  4. Teach children not to approach a dog while wearing a mask.
  5. Never leave your children alone with a strange dog and never leave small children alone with any dog.