When most people think of workplace harassment, they think automatically think of sexual harassment. While sexual harassment makes up a large percentage of cases, there are many other forms of workplace harassment. Laws against discrimination prohibit harassment based on any protect class including race, religion, national origin, sex or gender, age, legal immigration status, disability or perceived disability, or sexual orientation or sexual preference.

Workplace Harassment Attorney

I am committed to helping people who have endured harassment in the workplace. Not every act that may be offensive constitutes harassment. Harassing conduct must create a hostile environment in the workplace. Some of the action that could create an offensive work environment includes unwelcome behavior, inappropriate touching, physical contact, obscene or disturbing gestures, displaying sexually suggestive objects, sexually degrading words, and violations of the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEMA).

Sexual harassment is the most common form of workplace harassment. Less common but more ominous is “quid pro quo” sexual harassment. This is where a manager, supervisor, or other superior conditions a hiring, promotion, raise, or some other benefit on sexual favors.

I have over twenty years of experience successfully handling employment harassment cases in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have been harassed at work or in the process of applying for work contact a San Francisco employment harassment lawyer at Mayo & Rogers. I have successfully represented clients in the private and public sector and I will be happy to meet with you and discuss the merits of your case.