We have covered many teen car accidents in previous posts. Unfortunately the number of teen accidents in Wisconsin continues to be an issue and many young people lose their lives in car crashes throughout the state every year as reported by many injury attorneys in the area.

The most recent teen car accident happened on Saturday when nine Campbellsport High School female soccer players were involved in a crash. Authorities say that the crash happened around 3:30 a.m. on Highway 67, only a short distance from the high school. The SUV flew into a ditch and then rolled for about 200 yards. Two teens died at the scene, one died a short time later, and six others suffered personal injuries.

“There has been a lot of grieving, a lot of crying, a lot of very upset people,” the school principal said. “There’s been laughter. There’s been everything.”

The principal added that there has been an outpouring of support after this accident and that family, friends, and teachers are coming together in this time of mourning.

All of the girls involved in the crash were on the Campbellsport High School varsity and junior varsity teams. One of the girls killed was the daughter of a school soccer coach.

“These three young kids were leaders in their class,” the principal said. “They were very involved in athletics. They were very involved, popular kids that so many of our students looked up to and befriended.”

Many students and friends assembled for a vigil on Saturday night at a Catholic church near Eden. Another candlelight vigil was held in the school courtyard to honor the memory of the players.