Mother receives $11M in infant death malpractice case

Inadequate hospital care kills many infants in ¬†hospitals ever year. These accidents are devastating to new mothers and sometimes preventable. A mother who is also a nurse is outraged by the treatment that her premature daughter received at a hospital. The woman said that doctors and nurses at the hospital could have prevented her daughter’s death from a bowel infection that primarily impacts premature babies. “Her death was premature and preventable, and that’s exactly what was read by the jury,”…

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Charges filed against Fitchburg crash driver

Charges have been brought against the driver of a tragically fatal crash that killed four people last week. The man is being held in jail after having been released from the hospital earlier this week. He is also suspected of a probation violation for a disorderly conduct conviction from 2011. He now faces four counts of homicide for the alleged drunken driving crash last week. The victims of the crash were from Wisconsin and Illinois. Because of the alleged drunken…

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