How to prevent a dog attack on Halloween

In our last post we discussed several ways that trick-or-treaters can avoid being involved in a Halloween pedestrian accident. Halloween is the most dangerous time of the year for Ohio fatal pedestrian accidents and parents should remain focus on their children’s safety during the trick-or-treating experience. Dog bitesĀ are another safety concern that many parents overlook on Halloween. Halloween can be a particularly stressful time for household pets and children may be at an increased risk for personal injuries as a…

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Son sues over father’s death in ill-fated test drive

When you’re shopping for a vehicle and go for a test drive, it probably wouldn’t occur to you to ask the car salesperson if he’s been drinking. Sadly, one Pennsylvania salesman had alcohol and marijuana in his system when he took a father and son for a test drive in December 2010. The father died in the accident, and now his son has filed a wrongful death lawsuit and a criminal defense attorney. According to, the salesman was drunk…

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